M.Sc. Sherin Khalifa



Evaluating the Linkages between Climate Change, War and Poverty. A Micro-Macro-linked-CGE Approach applied to Syria.

The objective of this research is to evaluate the complex interrelation between climate change, economic development (es. poverty and food crises) and political conflict (War). To this end, an innovative micro-macro linked FHM-CGE model will be used. The micro component of the model will be formed by a regionalized linear programming model that represents agricultural households in Syria as well as product specific local environmental indicators such as rangeland degradation. The Macro component will be built by modelling the entire economic of a country or a region. In addition, this model will be sequentially linked with political conflict module to map economic and ecological development into the risk of armed conflicts. Thus, different governmental policy scenarios, will be run to identify best policies coping with climate change and the economic consequences of war.


Work Experience

Research Interests

Rural economic and social Development, SPSS, CGE Modeling and Field Experiments.