M.A. Karin Kunde



Ethische Begründungen für einen Dritten Weg (Ethical reasons for a Third Way).

My project comprises a systematical and critical analysis of presuppositions in different farming-system-concepts. Presuppositions are defined as implicit or explicit premises of normative and/or prescriptive character that may underlie various farming-system-concepts (e.g. the neoliberal paradigm in conventional agriculture, organic farming, subsistence agriculture or Via Campesina).

The overall aim of my project is to develop an ethical framework for new concepts (the Third Way) in agriculture both for industrial countries in the global north and developing countries in the global south. The results of the presupposition analysis thereby shall serve as a basis for creating a transparent ethical framework. The question of legitimacy of a Third Way is being particularly considered by integrating results of the other members in this graduate program.



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Ethics: agricultural ethics, animal ethics, environmental ethics
Theories of justice
Theories of responsibility