M.Sc. Henk Smit



Eco-efficiency of dairy-pasture systems in South Africa

Henk Smit The dairy industry plays an important role in human nutrition in South Africa. There is a trend towards sustainable intensification of dairy production from pastures systems. The way in which these dairy pasture systems are currently managed in South Africa is not necessarily environmentally sustainable. New ways of thinking how to produce food without negative environmental effects needs to be set in place. The aim of the study will be to assess the eco-efficiency of dairy pasture systems in South Africa. We believe that the positive effect of pasture systems on mitigating GHG and other ecologically adverse factors will surpass the detrimental effects on the environment. The study would provide insight into how milk could be produced with a reduced environmental impact. We hope that this research will make an impact on farming efficiency, environmental sustainability and food security in South Africa.


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Animal Science, Animal Nutrition, Pasture Science, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change