M.Sc. Léa Vicky Magne Domgho


Poverty and local environmental impacts of climate-smart agriculture: A micro-macro modeling approach for Senegal

The purpose of this project is to policy responses to growing concerns about decrease in agricultural productivity due to climate change. In particular, the trade-off between climate-smart agriculture activities targeted to increase agricultural yields and induced impacts local on local environmental problem, e.g. erosion, biodiversity, etc. and  poverty will be analyzed in Senegal. At a methodological level, regionalized farm household models will be derived that explicitly incorporate impact of farm production on local environment (eg. soil erosion, land fertility, etc.) in order to model policy effects on farm production, farm incomes and local sustainability. The farm household models will be linked to a CGE to model the policy effect on economic growth and poverty at the macro level. Based on the linked micro-macro FHM-CGE model the impact of different policy scenarios, e.g. West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program or Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, on economic growth, local sustainability and poverty can be analyzed.


Work Experience

Research Interests

Sustainable Agriculture and Poverty Reduction, Environmental Science, LP Modeling, CGE Modeling